General Questions and Answers:

How does Nutriair work?

Your nutriair device will heat our signature liquid nutrient blend which turns to vapor and is then breathed into the mouth and absorbed through the body.

How will I know my Nutriair device is finished?

That super sad moment when your device is out of oil... You’ll know that time’s upon you when the green light at the end of your device starts flashing, or there is no more vapor being produced.

Is Nutriair an E-cig?

Negative! An E-Cigarette contains nicotine, whereas nutriair NEVER contains any NICOTINE or TOBACCO. Instead, nutriair devices contain the highest grade nutritional supplements sourced from the United States.

Is there an age restriction to use Nutriair?

Nutriair is a nutritional supplemental aid with NO NICOTINE or any other harmful ingredients. We recommend nutriair users be ages 21 or older, and we think it’s a big no no for pregnant or nursing women, or people with respiratory illnesses to use our devices.

How long should my nutriair last approximately?

Usage varies per product, and of course everyone inhales differently. If used accordingly, a nutriair should last you 1-3 weeks.

Is it rechargeable?

Nope! But that’s not a bad thing. We designed nutriair to fit your on-the-go lifestyle without worrying about carrying charging devices.

Can I travel with my nutriair?

We wouldn't dream of leaving home without it! Place it in your carry-on, but make sure you’re not using it while on an airplane.

How does your shipping work, and do you ship abroad?

We have both domestic and international shipping available. 

Please be aware when using international shipping, delivery can take up to 20+ days to be received due to a country's customs. Unfortunately, we do not have control of what happens to the shipment once it has left the United States.

Can I track my order?

Certainly. When placing an order, we will automatically send you a notice that states your order is fulfilled and the package is on its way to you. From there, you will automatically receive a tracking number, which will provide you the most updated package information and the estimated time of delivery. For any reason that you do not receive a tracking number, please contact help@nutriair.com and we will ensure you are taken care of.


Safety Questions and Answers:


What type of battery do you use and are they safe?

We have chosen Lithium polymer batteries because they are even safer than traditional Lithium batteries. Polymers are used in the batteries to make the batteries more resistant to damage, which helps keep the dangerous chemicals from leaking. 

We also only use a battery with 130 mAh capacity, which makes it one of the safest batteries to use.

I have heard that propylene glycol can be dangerous, is it dangerous to inhale?

You may not realize, but you have been consuming propylene glycol for as long as you can remember! Propylene Glycol is used in day to day food and other items for over the last 50 years, and it is GRAS approved by the FDA. The amount of PG in edible items is so little that there are absolutely no harmful effects even if you consume it for long periods. 

nutriair devices heat the propylene glycol at such a low temperature to maintain the integrity of the vitamins and supplements, which is deemed safe by health organizations all over the world.

Where do you source your ingredients?

All of our liquids are American- made and produced in a FDA-registered laboratory. We stand by our quality manufacturing and hold our products to the highest standards. 

Our ingredients are sourced from the most trusted names in the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring unparalleled purity and quality.


Where do you source your raw materials from? Are they GMO-free? 

Our raw materials are sourced only from trusted brands in the United States. We do not use GMO ingredients and our inhalers do not contain animal products.

What is your quality control procedure?

Control of quality exists at each step throughout our production process. It does not consist simply of checking the finished product—it is an integral part of all that we do. 

Nestle Laboratories creates a Certificate of Analysis not just for the final product, but for every individual ingredient that creates each Nutriair. 

Are your products Vegan and Gluten free?


The Answer is Yes. Nutriair does not contain ANY Gluten and is 100% Vegan Friendly.